Flora and fauna of Oder Delta




Get ready and pack your binoculars for a safari to the „Big Seven” of the Oder Delta”! These species, symbols of the European natural heritage, are observable here. Did you know that the Oder Delta is one of the top places for watching white-tailed eagles? In fact this region has the highest breeding density of white-tailed eagles in Europe.

On guided safaris you can also discover herds of wild European  bison and European beaver, track elk and wolf, see the impressive salmon, sea trout and sturgeon returning to their spawning grounds. The region is moreover home to sturgeon and grey seal.

Discover the Big Seven of the Oder Delta representing the key species living in the wild.  Spread the word that watching wild animals in Europe is possible.

The “Big Seven” are:

  • white-tailed eagle;
  • European bison;
  • European beaver;
  • elk;
  • wolf;
  • Atlantic sturgeon;
  • grey seal.

Also the Konik horse lives semi-wild in the meadows of the Oder Delta.

The Oder Delta has a very high diversity of different habitats, naturally flowing rivers, marshes, vast reed beds, alluvial forest, oak and pine forests, meadows, bogs, coastal dunes and much more. The variation of landscapes creates a high number of different mammals such as wolf, moose, wild boar, red and roe deer, European beaver, otter. The region serves an important stop-over for migrating water birds using the East Atlantic Flyway. More than a quarter of million herons, geese, ducks, waders and gulls are recorded annually in the lagoon and surrounding wetland.

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