How to prepare

Wonder what to bring on your trip to the Oder Delta?

The most important don’t forget to bring a big smile and open mind! It is good to add to your packing list these things. The packing list depends on the season time:

Useful Packing list

  • Rain proof clothing
  • Proper shoes, preferably waterproof. For example hiking boots, rubber boots or hiking shoes
  • Outdoor clothing for hiking
  • Warmer clothing for cold nights (for example thermal underwear)
  • Warm hat for cold nights
  • Camera (turn off any sounds)
  • Binoculars (at least 6 x 32 recommended)
  • Head lamp (with new batteries)
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Vacuum flask/thermos (for hot drinks) particularly in the autumn and in the winter
  • insect repellent in the summer
  • Cash for souvenirs

It is particularly important that your outer clothing is quiet and in dark colours: green, brown, black etc. This includes hat and gloves as well! A pale hat sticks out and can be seen in a long distance.


  • bright colours like white, yellow, blue but also bright green or pale brown
  • noise making fabrics like vinyl, polyamid, nylon, some shell membrane layers

Let us know if you need any advise on what equipment to bring.


What you will get

  • The best chances to see wild animals in Oder Delta
  • Inspiration and knowledge by our skilled guides
  • Small group travel for a more authentic nature experience
  • Collect moments – not things!
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