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Oder Delta Safaris is a network of local entrepreneurs and part of Tourism Organization of Stepnica (SOT) founded in 2011. Our priority is to provide our safari participants with an authentic and exciting experience with nature whilst ensuring that we are conscious and respectful of the nature we wish to explore. We offer adventures that directly support conservation plans of local guides and scientists in their efforts to protect nature in the region.

Our activities include:

  • Supporting the local economy
  • Contributing actively to the local nature protection
  • Reducing the negative impacts on a local nature and society


You can be sure that travel to Oder Delta will bring benefit both for people and nature.

1. Our Mission

We believe that showing the beauty of Oder Delta can help to save high value nature of our small homeland.

2. Our Objectives

Binding relations between ecotourism development and nature conservation and local economy.

3. Our People

We gather people of different profession from our local community linked by one passion – Nature of Oder Delta

Discover the Oder Delta with us

Visit this undiscovered place, experience unbelievable wildlife in the centre of Europe and fall in love with the Oder Delta, just as we did.

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Iwona and Reginald

We are founders of Oder Delta Safaris under Tourist organization of Stepnica and run a rural accommodation in small village Kopice. We create a different type of safaris.

Spending time in nature is our passion.

Welcome to the Oder Delta.

Meet our team and partners

Our organization is small but we are a network of people different profession from local community who love the Oder Delta natural world. Our dream is to keep Oder Delta as a wild area.

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Iwona Krępic

“I lead safari like wildlife watching and landscape. I am also responsible for keeping in touch with guests and our partners, creating new safari and promotion. I love Oder Delta, this is amazing to live here I can meet wildlife everywhere I feel like a guest in nature world.”

Special skill: supernormal communicative

Reginald Ścieżka

“I am looking for the best spots for nature watching,. It is the new way of my life and chance for developing of the region where I live. “

Special skill: create something out of nothing

Jonathan Rauhut

“I’m a nature guide and a passionate naturalist. I love nature travelling, hiking, birding and wildlife watching. I spend as much of my free time as possible outdoor, preparing the new interesting, full of animals and birds trials. My main work is a nature protection. ”

Special skill: saving nature world

Who visit Oder Delta?

Nature lovers, photographers, birdwatchers, naturalists who travel in small groups of friends, couples and solo travelers from all over the World.

People from different countries like: Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, England, Scotland, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Australia, Argentina, Israel or Kuweit.

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