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What our guests say!

Here are just a few Testimonials from some of our happy and satisfied guests from around Europe.

Always grateful

The Oder Delta region is one of the best wildlife destinations in Europe. And the perfect guides from Oder Delta Safaris. Being deeply involved in the re-wilding of the region they are acutely aware of the when and where of the region. As a professional wild-life photographer you need that knowledge to get the best images. Winning several awards with images taken there is the best testimony of the knowledge and love they have for the region.

Andre V.

Photographer, Netherland


We enjoyed a wonderful and warm stay in the Oder Delta.

Thanks to Iwona’s guide from Oder Delta Safaris, we know more about bird species and their natural behaviour - namely white-tailed eagle, our dear beavers!

Highly-recommended safaris to all animal and nature lovers!

Fandy T. And Robbert P.

Nature lovers, Netherland

Wildlife everywhere

We came to visit Oder Delta in summer. We didn't exactly know what we were going to do, but thank you Iwona from Oder Delta Safaris! Wonderful hikes, wildlife everywhere, beautiful beaches, and nice people too! A special thank for this badger's family waiting for us !!!

Hubert B.

Nature lover, France

Fantastic place

The Oderdelta is a fantastic place to visit in every season. There is a diversity of animals and landscapes to see, all in a quiet and peaceful environment. Oder delta Safaris offers excellent trips in Stepnica and surroundings. The organisation does a lot to protect this unique place. You can walk, make a jeep safari or a boat trip, stay in a hide, or just sit somewhere… There is always something to see!

Christine S.

Photographer, Belgium

Always a spectacle

There is always a spectacle in the Oder Delta. For me this is a sanatorium, the peace and the animals make that I can concentrate completely on what I like to do, watch, listen, discover, amaze, learn, and photograph / film. Wake up with the sound of eagles, cranes, golden oriole, hoopoe, I've experienced it all and it gives a lot of energy that I also need for the whole day. And, at the end of the day a good bed to attack next day with energy.

Ron Velner

Photographer, Netherland

Fantastic experience

I stayed at Oder Delta Safaris for 3 days in May. What a fantastic region and experience! In 3 days I saw and photographed white-tailed eagles, foxes, fox cubs, badgers, red deer, roe deer, swans and cygnets, golden orioles, red-backed shrike and grey wagtails.

David O'Brien


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