Badger and White-tailed eagle safari

Experience the surreal moment a badger emerged at the entrance to a sett, twirling its nose to test the air like an expert sommelier and watch this elusive animals in the wild.

  • Photograph and watch for Badger in daylight
  • Make stunning photo of White-tailed eagle
  • Stay two nights
  • Local guides and individual approach to each guest

European badgers are social and live in family “clans”. Everything about a badgers body says “dig”, creating many underground dens, and spending much of their lives below ground. These burrows may be in use for decades at a time and are complex, with multiple entrances and networks of passages and chambers. Watching them close their sett is great photographic opportunity.

Oder Delta has diverse wildlife, birdlife and many attractions within the area. Around 100 pairs of the white-tailed eagles are nesting in the Oder Delta. This is one of the top places in Europe for watching the majestic birds. You will take the opportunity to photograph the white-tailed eagle in action.

Proposed plan of the visit:

Day 1

Arrival  to the accommodation in the village or the small town located in the Oder Delta.
You will meet your guide and talk about the highlights of the region. In the evening is possible a short walk.

Day 2

In the early morning you will take a boat from a fisherman harbour and you will begin a bird watching and looking for white-tailed eagle. Most of the time you may have experience watching the white – tailed eagle during hunting fish, closer than 50 meters from the boat.

Before the sunset your guide will lead you to Badger sett. You will wear the special camouflage clothes do not wear perfume and try to not smell too clean because badgers can’t see very well but their sense of smell is good.

You should be ready for some kind of wild theatre. Badger watching is peculiarly thrilling – an experience that fills the watcher with great calm and, occasionally, a rush of exhilaration.

Day 3

It will be a free time to use at your leisure, go for a walk, explore coast of the Szczecin Lagoon, find the beaver signs, birdwatching or just chill out in the garden.

The schedule may change depends on  weather conditions.


  • From 450 EUR for the visit for one person;
  • The Safari is available for 1 – 3 participants
  • Ask for more details


mid of April-July


For booking and further details  please contact us