Beaver and White-tailed eagle safari

Visit the top place in Continental Europe to make stunning photographs of white-tailed eagles in action and explore beaver kingdom and watch the animal architects in their natural environment.

  • Find and photograph beaver living in the wild
  • Watch and photograph white-tailed eagle in action
  • Stay two nights in the Oder Delta
  • Local guides and individual approach to each guest

Beavers are famously busy, and they turn their talents to reengineering the landscape as few other animals can. In a good natural environment a beaver family keeps the water level high and prevents the wetlands from drying out.

In the Oder Delta you can find beavers almost everywhere at the riverbank, in the water channels in the forest and in the meadows.

Proposed plan of the visit:

Day 1

Arrival to the accommodation in the village located in the Oder Delta.
You will meet your guide. It is possible a short walk in the evening.

Day 2

In the early morning you will take a boat from a fisherman harbour and you will begin a bird watching and looking for white-tailed eagle. Most of the time you may have experience watching the white – tailed eagle during hunting fish, closer than 50 meters from the boat.

In the afternoon our guide will lead you through high nature value landscapes and will show you impressive beaver dams, lodges and fresh bites. You will wear a special camouflage system and looking for the best place to watch and make photographs of beavers. Most of the time you will have excellent opportunities for beaver and their natural arts photography.

Day 3

It will be a free time to use at your leisure, go for a walk in the Skoszewskie Meadows, explore coast of the Szczecin Lagoon, find the beaver signs in the vicinity, birdwatching or just chill out in the garden.

The schedule may change depends on  weather conditions.

  • From 450 EUR for the visit for one person;
  • The Safari is available for 1 – 3 participants
  • Ask for more details


Late April – mid of August


For booking and further details  please contact us