White-tailed eagle safari

Explore one of the highest breeding densities of continental Europe and take the best opportunity to make amazing photos of the white-tailed eagle.

  • Watch and photograph white-tailed eagle
  • Enjoy the wildlife, birdlife and landscape of the Oder Delta
  • Stay two nights in the Oder Delta
  • Local guides and individual approach to each guest

Around 100 pairs of the white-tailed eagles are nesting in the Oder Delta. During the boat safari it is possible that the white-tailed eagle with its wingspan of 2,20-2,50m will hunt fish closer than 50 meters from the boat.

On average we have experienced 10-20 eagle diving for the fish on each boat safari.

Proposed plan of the visit:

Day 1

Arrival to accommodation in the villages located in the Oder Delta. You will meet your guide. It is possible short walk in the evening.

Day 2

In the early morning, you will take a boat from a fisherman harbour and you will begin a bird watching and looking for white-tailed eagle. Most of the time you may have experience watching the white – tailed eagle during hunting fish, closer than 50 meters from the boat. In afternoon, English speaking guide will take you for 3-4 hour tour of the Oder Delta by 4×4 and on foot to see much more interesting landscapes, species of birds and mammals.

During these days you will discover an unique flora and fauna of the region with help of your guide. You will have excellent opportunities for nature photography.

Day 3

You may enjoy the rest of visit on they own f.e. bird watching or wildlife watching.   

The schedule may change depends on  weather conditions. 


  • From 450 EUR for the visit for one person;
  • The Safari is available for 1 – 3 participants
  • Ask for more details


All the year  in spite of the time when the water is frozen (January-March)


For booking and further details  please contact us