Wintering birds safari

Those who look for an interesting wintering birds watching and photographing location should visit the Oder Delta.

  • Spot and photograph wintering birds and white-tailed eagles
  • Feel a peaceful atmosphere, space and silent
  • Stay three nights
  • Local guides and individual approach to each guest

In Winter it is possible to spot among other, such species as: Smew, Common merganser, Tufted duck, Golden eye, Great egret, Grey heron, Whooper swan, Common coot; Long-tailed duck, Common scoter, Hornet grebe, Red-breasted Merganser, Velvet scoter, Black-throated loon, Red-throated loon and such more in the region. The Oder Delta is known for its importance as a wintering site for Scaup;

White-tailed eagles monitoring shows around two hundreds individuals wintering on the polish side of the area instead of breeding one. White-tailed eagles usually target water-based birds as prey. Mid-Winter is the breeding season of White-tailed eagle.

The breeding season is characterised by frequent loud calling, especially by the male in the vicinity, sometimes taking the form of a duet between the pair.

In February and March there is a massive return of birds from their wintering areas some of them return earlier like: Northern lapwing, Common crane, Skylark, Greylag goose, Bean goose, Greater white-fronted goose, Red kite. March-April are by far the best months for watching woodpeckers. There is not so much snow every year in the Oder Delta.

Usually January and February are much more reliable regarding snow and low temperatures.

Proposed plan of the visit:

Day 1

Arrival to accommodation in the village located in the Oder Delta. You will meet your guide and talk about attractive fauna of the Oder Delta. Depending on arrival time a short walk to a nearby spot of wintering birds is possible.

Day 2 and Day 3

In the early morning a guide will lead you to check hot spots of a wintering birds by 4×4 car. If you want to see some less-common bird species then it’ss worth travelling slightly further afield to find them in their natural habitats. You will visit some of the top places for bird spotting in the Oder Delta during almost a whole day.

Individual approach of our guides and making photos of birdlife in their natural environment will hopefully give you a satisfaction, as well as have a fun cause to be around real nature.

Day 4

It will be a free time to use at your leisure, go for a walk, look around for wildlife, birdlife, experience beauty of sunrise or just chill out.

The schedule may change depends on weather conditions.

  • From 450 EUR for the visit per one person;
  • The Safari is available for 1 – 3 participants
  • Ask for more details


Mid November-Mid of April


For booking and further details  please contact us